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74House's pet-friendly design.

74House's pet-friendly design.

If there’s one thing we love more than furniture, it’s this: adorable, smooshy-face, come-here-and-give-me-a-cuddle-right now pets. So when our happy customers couldn’t stop sharing anecdotes and aww-inducing photos of their 74House-loving pets, we couldn’t help but make a blog post about it.

So instead, we’ll get straight to the good stuff. Without further ado, here is a pictorial selection of some of our favorite 74House customers, as well as some wise words from their very contented owners.

Excellent — beautiful and pet proof! My pets (a dog and a cat) are trying so hard to scratch it up, but they have been defeated by Burrow. Love this sofa! — Venitta J. Cat Scratch-Proof Sofa

I love this couch. It was very easy to put together, it fits perfectly in my living room and it looks really nice. I was also pleased by how sturdy it was. I have a cat and she is a destroyer. She hasn't been able to damage the fabric and after the first couple of tries she stopped. — Laurel R. Cat Proof Cream Sailboat Sofa

Mud, hair, scratches, and stains? Forget about it!

Looks great, feels great, and worth every penny. We have a dog and her fur easily vacuums off the fabric and her nails haven't done any damage. — Ashley M.

We unfortunately had a test of the fabric the first day, curtesy of muddy dog feet. The cleanup was a breeze and we were even more impressed with our new 74House furniture. — Charlie B. 

We absolutely love this sectional. It really is scratch resistant, as we are in the process of training our cat not to scratch this couch, not a mark has been left. Stains are also incredibly easy to remove! Highly recommend! — Ashley B. 

Easy clean fabrics, they’re not just for fur babies

This was a fantastic purchase! I could not have picked a better couch for our family of three adults, three kids, two dogs, and one cat. The dogs love it. It withstands the force of our children AND the cat can't pick at the fabric. — Kaitlin D. 

We have a 2 year old and a white dog that sheds, and if anything can withstand the grit and grime that comes from our two babes, it’s this chair. Easy to put together and easy to clean. 10/10 would buy again. — Bridget F. 

My couch is beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, durable. I have a baby and two kits and the performance fabric has withstood spills and constant cat scratching (it doesn’t pill at all!). — Emily O. 

Warning: your new furniture may become your pet’s exclusive domain

Dog-approved, dog-claimed. If there's anything to be said about our new sofa, it's that our windhound now owns it. I would talk about it being a comfortable for sitting or laying and fits both of us, or how it's easy to move and reorganize because of its construction, or maybe even how there was minimal issues with assembling it. I would. But instead I'll talk about the animal that lounges on it every chance he gets, hanging his snoot over the arm or curling up to nap, preferring it over his dog beds. — Daniel K. 

As hard as we tried to keep our 80lb dog off, he has made this his bed at night and in the morning I can’t even tell. It’s beautiful, durable, comfortable and 74House’s customer service is amazing! — Mali W. 


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