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About us

Combining fashion style with an affordable price tag, has quickly evolved into a popular sofa brand among customers.As an experienced furniture sofa designer, we understand the importance of every sofa to every family.

    Why choose to cooperate with us?

    Many thanks For all those who support our brand, we have put together a compelling program. our affiliate program is fast and easy to set up, earning you extra money quickly.

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    • 74House's direct-from-manufacturer model,truly removing the middleman in order to pass the savings on to the consumer, and giving excellent experience for customers online shopping .
    • Access to various of high quality branded creatives and up-to-date seasonal creatives.
    • Worldwide free shipping. 
    • Regular flash sale promotions.

    What can you get affiliates start at 5% commission with our high AOV as $3000, but this is only a beginning, you can also get additional $30 on your first sale! What’s more, we now have our incentive tier that you can get more commission with more sales:

    1-5 sales: 5%

    6-10 sales: 6%

    11-20 sales: 7%

    21-30 sales: 8%

    31-40 sales: 9%

    41-50 sales: 10%

    51+sales: 11%

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    We'd love to invite you to join our affiliate program on COLEYES, achieve a win-win situation by joining us! Pursuit fashion and happy life at the same time, so what are you waiting for?

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