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74House offers a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months, starting on the date of delivery. Items or assets that have arrived damaged are also covered by Warranty within 14 days (calendar day) of delivery. Anything outside of this period will NOT be covered.

74House’s Warranty is only valid when products are used for their intended purpose and exhibit normal use. Defects or damage caused by negligence, misuse, accidents, abnormal use, modifications, or commercial purposes will not be covered by the 74House warranty.

What is covered:

Accidental rips & tears

Broken frames & metal components

Broken zippers

Chipped, cracked & peeling wood

Electrical power surges

Food, beverage, human and pet stains

Minor burn & heat marks

No deductibles or hidden fees

Product defects, after manufacturer’s warranty expires

Product repair or replacement

Receipt-less claims process

24/7 customer support 

What is NOT covered:

Claims not initiated within 30 days (calendar day) of the issue.

Cosmetic damages incurred by the owner (such as tears, fraying/snagging, and burn)

Comfort preferences

Damage that occurs during product delivery

Fortuitous events

General abuse of the product

Multiple claims filed at the same time

Natural disasters

Odor elimination

Pet damage (other than bodily fluids)

Stains resulting from acid, ink, wax, dyes, bleach (outside of recommended use) or similar liquids

Theft or loss of the product


To assert a warranty claim, please notify 74House by submitting our Claim Submission Form located below. To help our warranty experts assess your product, pictures of the product from various angles and distances and a description of your damage are required. Videos are also available if the issue cannot be documented with photos.

Please note that photos (or videos) are indispensable for 74House to assist you with any solution to a claim. We cannot offer any warranty on your product if the necessary evidence is not submitted.

Please note that our warranty isn’t transferrable: it can’t be extended to cover a resold item. The coverage is VOID once an item or asset has been relocated to a new address.